Archived photos from a great hike just east of Jasper National Park. I love these people with all my heart. There is nothing like sharing the beauty of the mountains and losing yourself in their splendour with people you count as friends.

I live here! Just saying! Look at this place, I FUCKING LIVE HERE!!!

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shoutout to all the girls + women who have thick, dark, and abundant body hair and have to spend time and energy shaving every single day if they don’t want to be harassed by loved ones + strangers alike

shoutout to all the girls + women who decided its not worth their time, even if they only skip sometimes, and endure criticism, harassment, and stigma as the price for their own freedom of time + comfort

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If I was allowed to carry more than 10lbs (because of my appendectomy) I would have came home with triple what I bought at the Asian market today!

Asian market = got EVERYTHING Bas and I wanted.
But omg… I wanted EVERYTHING ELSE!
I want to go to Japan ASAP!

Dear man who commented, “you got nice legs there.”
My 0 bullshit response does not make me a bitch, but you ducking touched me, after I said I don’t Iike being touched THEN commented on my legs while I was just fucking waiting for my bus!
I was in no way looking for male attention, I was waiting for a bus to get home to my fiancé.
Today was not the day to fuck with me you sick-prick.